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Kun City Resort & Spa Xiamen profile

2019/4/16 19:52:39
Kun City Resort & Spa Xiamen is surrounded by clear water in Tianzhu foothills. Kun City Resort & Spa Xiamen is managed by Kun City Hotels & Resorts Management Group. The unique environment includes the familiar things and culture of Taiwanese, and perform a spa resort experience with its unique modern, artistic and elegant techniques.
The Kun City Resort & Spa Xiamen is located at Haicang Dongfu in Xiamen, covers an area of nearly 70,000 square meters, owns first rank hot springs, nearly 400 sets of five-star hotels, hardcover spa small mansion and Spain villa; Tang Yao Park of nearly ten thousand square meters; it has various specialty restaurants in which offer a rich variety of Chinese and Western cuisine; it is the meeting site with advanced facilities and complete entertainment facilities, and Kun City Resort & Spa Xiamen is a complex resort hotel in Xiamen, which integrates the financial bathing, health, health care, leisure, catering, entertainment and living into the one.
Kun Hot Springs Park has advanced entertainment facilities and elegant environment. The gleaming hot spring pools and greenery everywhere make people feel like being in a beautiful nature. Hot Springs Park takes the “Kun” architectural style, privacy and openness complement each other. According to the functions and styles of various hot springs, the unique slate fountain, dynamic pressure spa, dry / wet sauna, poolside barbecue and swimming pools, etc. In the park you can enjoy the relaxing bathing resort trip in music.

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Country Garden Phoenix Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Wuhan International Expo Center / Hanyang River Beach
Address:Hubei · Wuhan · hannanqu - Country Garden Maying River Road Hannan District, Wuhan, China